Because of Louisa's style, the way in which she asked questions, provided a safe environment and I knew I could say what I needed to. I finally felt heard. She asked questions that helped us explore our issues on another level which otherwise would not have happened. Louisa may have saved our marriage.

Sue L., 52, wife and mother of two young adults.

Over the last four weeks I felt a total shift in our relationship. I feel like King Kong now. The way Louisa said things made it easy for me to see it. I don't ever want to leave therapy because it feels so good being here.

Tracy L. 55, husband and father of two grown children

Before I started coming to see René I had alot of built up anger and alot of sadness with no one to talk to or understanding me, but then I found René and life changed for me. Ive been going to see René for almost a year now and surprisingly I'm such a different person now. I've learned how to manage my anger alot better, I understand now that it's ok for me to feel and that not talking about my hurts just create more anger.. Before starting my journey I was afraid of getting help because I didn't want to be judged, I just wanted to be heard.. René has helped me and my family in a tremendous way and though I still have a long journey of recovery ahead I'm extremely confident and happy knowing I'll have René right by my side every step of the way. Thank you René for what you've done in my life in such a short time. I'm truly blessed to have met you and thank you for inspiring me to be who I'm intended to be."

Mother of two

Working with René was a game-changer for my family and myself. She has an incredible ability to identify with your anxieties in a calm and sympathetic manner. Thanks to her, my family approaches each day with a positive attitude and we are now able to quickly identify and address when day-to-day life stresses become too overwhelming. We couldn't be happier with her guidance.

Family of four

I first started seeing Debbi for grief counseling after the death of my husband. She compassionately helped me navigate the difficulties of widowhood, my grief, as well as my children's grief. This relationship has been such a blessing, a true lifeline.

Canton, CT